Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tokyo Education Board adopts a tough stance on high school history textbooks

 Media reported that concerns spread over the government’s intervention into history education and that Tokyo high schools are disciplining themselves after the Tokyo Board of Education meeting on Aug. 28.
 No high school chose a "History Textbook A" or "History Textbook B" because they describe that “coercion is applied to civil servants in some municipalities surrounding flag hoisting and singing of the national anthem in schools.” This is the second year these books were not selected for classroom use.
 Considering this description a problem, the education board warned every high school in Tokyo that their use of the textbooks were “inappropriate”  Consequently, no high schools chose them
 The media reported that there is a growing concern over the official intervention into education in terms of content and that the Tokyo high schools abide by the board’s policy, which will lead to "excess self-regulation."
 The committee members did not express any opinions as if they were confident with zero adoptation of these books. They agreed on the decision fairly and justly in deference to the choices for all the subjects and the choices made by all the high schools.(NEZU Kimiko)
The photo shows the reporter (left )and Tokyo Board of Education member 


8 月28日の都教委定例会・第一議案は、来年度使用都立高校用教科書の採択について。東京新聞の28日夕刊トップは、「実教『日本史』来年度も都立高ゼロ」 「教育内容へ介入懸念」「都教委方針 学校側従う」「自主規制拡大の恐れ」の見出しで、非常に的確にかつ分かりやすく報じています。都教委の介入により、国旗掲揚・国歌斉唱をめぐり「一部の自 治体で公務員への強制の動きがある」と記述した実教出版「高校日本史A」「高校日本史B」を選定した学校は昨年に続き今年もゼロ校。したがって、採択もゼ ロ。提案する都教委事務方も、教科書採択をする教育委員の面々も、この「ゼロ」に自信を持つかのように定例会では意見は述べず、形の上では全教科、各学校 の選定を尊重し、「適正かつ公正に」教科書を採択したということになりました。(根津公子) 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Field report of the Nanjing Massacre: evidence and pain

It’s nearly seventy years since the end of World War Ⅱ. I went to Nanjing to meet some of the “fortunate survivors,” of whom there were very few. Now in their late 80's and 90's, these people saw their family members killed by the invading Japanese Army and have lived in desolation since then. They all have dreadful experiences to tell, but not all of them can speak up due  health problems, failing memories or  relations with the families or the community that make it difficult for them to speak. Not many years are left to us to listen to their stories. (TERASHIMA Shigehiro)  

戦後70年になろうとしている現在である。進攻してきた日本軍によって、目の前で親や兄弟姉妹を殺された強烈な「心の傷」と、身寄りの無い「暮らしの断絶」 を強制され、路頭に迷いつつ人生の道のりを生きてきた人々がいるのだ。極めて希に生き残ったという意味で「幸存者」と言われる少数の人は、今や8590 才代で、あと数年したらこの世から居なくなる。その人たちに会った。悪夢のように人生を悩ます幼少の鮮烈な体験を抱えながら、当時の出来事を話すことができる健康な体や記憶、更に話せるような家族関係、知られても大丈夫な地域に住む人は数少ない。年令から言って、ここ数年が「聞き取り」限度であろう。(寺 島栄宏) 報告 *写真=「幸存者」からの聞き取り

Support the workers at the Floracion Aoyama -- Stop the closure!

A branch of Tokyo Tobu Union was organized on 29th July at a hotel called Floracion  Aoyama in the Aoyama area of Tokyo. The owner of the hotel, the Public School Mutual Aid Cooperative, is planning to unilaterally close it on the 31st of December, this year. Collective bargaining was held on the 20th of August, but the management didn’t yield to the demand to cancel the planned closure. Union members raised their voices at the bargaining table. “Are you going to throw my family members out on the street?” “You can't ignore the workers!”   “I’m also a cooperative member. Are you going to destroy a fellow member’s living?” 
We ask teachers nation-wide to support the union by collecting signatures to stop the closure and sending protest letters to the Cooperative. (SUGANO Ari)
Photo: Collective bargaining on 20th August

29日に結成した東部労組フロラシオン青山支部は、東京都港区南青山にあるホテル「フロラシオン青山」の1231日をもっての一方的閉鎖を撤回させる ため闘っています。820日、ホテルを運営する公立学校共済組合・同東京支部との団体交渉がありました。共済組合側は閉鎖を撤回しようとしませんでした。この回答に対し、フロラシオン青山支部組合員から次々と抗議の声、怒りの声が上がりました。「家族も含めて路頭に迷わせるのか!」「一方的なやり方は 許さない!」「私たちも同じ共済組合の組合員だ。その組合員の生活を奪うのか!」。真剣な訴えが続きました。全国のみなさん! 教育者のみなさん! 抗議の声、閉鎖撤回署名でご支援をお願いいたします。(菅野存)  
動画(8.20 怒りの団交) *写真=820日の団交