Friday, July 11, 2014

You don’t understand at all….A cartoon by Ichihana Hana

 “Get married already!” “Can you not bear children?”
(after an apology) “Please, we would like you to get married as soon as possible.”

The assembly of Japan’s capital, which is chosen to host the 2020 Summer Olympics, proved to the public that it fails to live up to the international standard of gender equality late June.
 Liberal Democratic Party member SUZUKI Akihiro, 51, jeered, “Get married already,” to SHIOMURA Ayaka, 34-year-old member of Your Party at the assembly on June 18. Shiomura was speaking at Tokyo assembly that the metropolis improves its support system for women during their pregnancy, child-raring, and for others who are going through infertility treatment.
 After denying accusation and media’s frantic investigation of the culprit, Suzuki eventually admitted one of several jeers was made by himself and made an official apology at a press conference on June 23.
 “I was hoping that she will get married soon while more women are marrying later in their age,” he said at the press conference. “I am truly sorry for lacking any consideration in making such a remark.” (MATSUMOTO Chie)

‘A Crisis in Japan’ ~public broadcasting company subverts democracy

 Nearly 1,000 people gathered for an event in Osaka on June 21 to demand that the chairperson and two board members of Japan’s public broadcasting company NHK resign for making controversial remarks.
 MOMII Katsuto expressed at his first press conference as an NHK chairperson that war-time brothels existed in every country, not only Japan, and his political gaffs continued flowing every so often since. HYAKUTA Naoki, a board member and a popular novelist, claimed that countries around the world ignored the Chinese propaganda that Japanese troops carried out a massacre in Nanjing.
 Professor Emeritus of Tokyo University DAIGO Satoshi pointed out at the event that it is abnormal for a public television station to only release news as an implemental body for Prime Minister Abe's administration.
 IKEDA Eriko, a former director, and NAGATA Kozo, a former chief producer--both of NHK--made a report on complications that ABE Shinzo (chief cabinet secretary at the time) applied pressure on NHK in 2001 to revise its documentary on comfort women.
 SAKAGUCHI Norio, a lawyer, talked about a legality of a concrete measure to suspend fee payment for NHK viewers because the company is failing to observe its code of ethics. He remarked that only citizens' power could help set NHK straight and laid out a framework of a legal team.
 (By NAGATA Kozo, Musashi University professor)

6 21日、大 阪・中之島公会堂で、「どうする!公共放送の危機」621関西集会が開かれました。小糠雨が降る中、会場には950人が結集し、NHK籾井会長、百田尚 樹・長谷川三千子経営委員の罷免を求めました。醍醐聡東大名誉教授は、三氏の問題発言だけでなく、安倍政権の道具と化したNHKニュースの異常さを指摘。 池田恵 理子・永田浩三の元NHKディレクターは、ETV2001番組改変事件とその後の放送現場の変化について報告しました。阪口徳雄弁護士は、NHKの受信料 の一時停止や保留の正当性と弁護団の体制について語りました。(報告:レイバーネット会員 武蔵大学教授 永田浩三)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Abe cabinet admits the right to collective defense Protest action in front of the Prime Minister’s Office

On July 1st, the Abe cabinet approved reinterpreting the Constitution so that the Self Defense Forces may engage in collective defense. More than 10 thousand citizens gathered around the Prime Minister’s Office to protest the decision. The streets around the office were packed with people, who were squeezed against iron barricades set up by the police. At 5 pm, the news of the cabinet decision reached the protesters. A woman raised her voice, “NO to the cabinet decision!” “Listen to the voices of the people!” “Retract the decision!” Her eyes were filled with bitter tears. The number of  protesters grew in the evening and the chanting of young people continued until late in the evening. (M)

7 1日午後4時すぎ、大臣を乗せた黒塗りの車列が官邸に入った。官邸前歩道で抗議していた市民はそれを見つけ、ひときわ大きな声で「閣議決定反対」を叫ん だ。歩道は人で埋まり、身動きがとれない。警備は前夜以上の多数の警官が動員され、鉄柵をつかった厳しい規制だった。そんななか午後5時すぎ、「集団的自 衛権行使容認」の閣議決定の一報が官邸前に届いた。主催者がマイクで「閣議決定がされた模様です。絶対に許せない」と報告。すぐに大コールが始まった。 「閣議決定 絶対反対!」「撤回!撤回!」「勝手に決めるな!」。この日ずっとコールの音頭をとっていた女性コーラーが、声を張り上げる(写真)。眼には怒りの悔し涙 をいっぱいためていた。夜になっても抗議の人波は増える一方で、官邸前行動は前日をこえる万単位の規模になった。そして、若い人を中心に抗議コールは深夜 まで続いた。(M 
動画(YouTube 6分)