Friday, November 14, 2014

’Down with Abe Administration!’ ~People rally to stop Henoko base

 “Tatpirakase Abe AdministrationNow is the time to stop the construction of Henoko base” was held at a center in Tokyo on Oct. 24.
 “Tatpirakase!” means “Down away with them!” in Okinawan language.
HOKAMA Mieko, a joint leader in Kanto block of the landowners who protest against wars by withholding a minuscule land in Okinawa, took out her whole heart in her address, saying, “ We can’t possibly be defeated.”
 NAKAMURA Zenkou, Nago city councilor and a bureau chief of conference against building a chopper base, reported about the current situation in Okinawa. He said with anger, “the government is destroying the sea and ruining fisheries.”
 He added that they wanted to make ONAGA Takeshi as governor with the support from “all Okinawa” for the gubernatorial election to be held on Nov. 16 and to stop building a new base, while he appealed for the support of the fight against Abe administration. (By OZAWA Kuniko) 


10 月24日、東京の文京区民センターで「たっぴらかせ!安倍政権 今こそ止めよう!辺野 古新基地建設 10.24辺野古新基地阻止大集会」が行われました。「たっぴらかせ!」とは、「やっつけろ!」というような意味だとのこと。主催者あいさつで、沖縄・一 坪反戦 地主会関東ブロック共同代表の外間三枝子さんは「負けるわけにはいかない」と思いのたけをぶつけました。名護市議会議員でヘリ基地反対協議会事務局長の仲 村善幸さん(写真)が、沖縄の状況を報告してくれました。仲村さんは「政府は海をつぶすだけでなく、漁業を壊している」と怒っていました。そして、 11.16県知事選は「オール沖縄」で翁長(おなが)新知事を誕生させ、新基地を阻止していきたいと、安倍政権と対峙する沖縄の闘いへの支援を訴えまし た。(尾澤邦子)

’I’ve learned to say what’s wrong is wrong’: UNUMA Tomoe of Futaba

The Labornet TV on Oct. 22 featured, “Think of Fukushima now ~ confessions of the people from nuclear plant town, Futaba.”  UNUMA Tomoe and ONUMA Yuji, who are both refugees, poured out their feelings.
 “I lost everything, but I realized something was wrong I had not noticed before. I’ve learned to say what’s wrong is wrong,” said Unuma, who was deprived of her hometown by the nuclear disaster. “I also got acquainted with many people only because the disaster occurred. I had wonderful meetings, too. I gained because I lost so much, so it was the greatest “disposal” in my life. From now on I want to gain as much as I lost,” she said with a shining smile. Onuma, too, continues to appeal to people as he replaced the Futaba slogan, ‘Nuclear power, the energy for the bright future,’ which he wrote himself, with ‘Nuclear power, the energy for the disastrous future.’ With many students joining the audience, the show turned into a cheerful and encouraging one.
( Labornet TV Project) 

10 月22日のレイバーネットTVは、「今フクシマを考える~原発の町・双葉町民が思いを語る」を特集。避難中の鵜沼友恵さん(写真)、大沼勇治さんに思いの たけを語ってもらった。原発事故で故郷を奪われた鵜沼さん。しかし鵜沼さんは番組の最後でこう語った。「あらゆるものを失ったが、今まで気づかなかったま ずいものに気づくことができた。そしておかしいことはおかしいと言えるようになった。また事故があったからこそ出会えた方がいっぱいいる。素敵な出会いも あった。失ったからこそ得られたわけで、人生最大の“断捨離”だった。これからは失った分、たくさんのことを得ていきたい」と笑顔いっぱいに語った。大沼 さんも自分がつくった標語「原子力明るい未来のエネルギー」を「原子力破滅未来のエネルギー」に置き換えて社会にアピールを続けている。ギャラリーには学 生の参加も多く参加し、賑やかで元気の出る番組になった。(レイバーネットTVプロジェクト)  

Criticism from Okinawa ~Tokyo rally against the Way to War

Some 1,900 people gathered for the “Rally in Tokyo against the Way to War” held in Hibiya Public Hall on Oct. 17.  The main speaker of the event was MAEDOMARI Hiromori, professor of Okinawa International University and former chief editor at Ryukyu Shimpo (see photo). As a journalist with rich knowledge and sharp analytical ability, he criticized the fallaciousness of Abe administration. “The Japanese government has imposed dangerous facilities on regional municipalities: military bases on Okinawa, and nuclear power plants on Fukushima. Even when serious accidents happen, the government sweeps all its inconveniences under the carpet. Are people in Okinawa and Fukushima the second- or the third-class citizens, and only those in Tokyo the first?” He pointed out that the government is taking advantage of people’s prejudice fostered between urban and local areas, referring to the responsibility of the people who elected Liberal Democratic Party-led Abe administration. (By M)


10 月17日、「戦争への道をゆるさない東京集会」が日比谷公会堂に1900人を集めて開かれた。集会のメインは前泊博盛さん(沖縄国際大学教授・元琉球新報 論説委員長/写真)の講演だった。ジャーナリストらしい豊富な知識と鋭い分析力で安倍政権の虚偽性を批判した。「日本政府は危険な米軍基地と原発を、沖 縄・福島など地方に押しつけてきた。そして事故が起きても、都合が悪いことはすべてなかったことにする日本政府。沖縄や福島は二等三等の国民で、東京だけ が一等国民なのか」。前泊さんは都会と地方の間につくられた「心の中の差別」が政権に利用されていることを指摘し、安倍自民党政権を選んだ国民の責任にも 言及した。(M) 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Favorable ruling for Fujikoshi plaintiffs

On October 30th, there was a victorious ruling in the Fujikoshi Forced Mobilization Lawsuit at the Central Court in Seoul, Korea. The ruling admitted all the facts claimed by the plaintiffs, including inducement by deceit and foul working conditions. The defendant, Fujikoshi Co., claimed statute of limitations and argued that the case was settled by the Japan-South Korea Treaty on Claim Rights. But the Court rejected all of the defendant's claims. The Court awarded compensation of 80 million Won and 100 million Won, according to the length of impressment. All the plaintiffs seemed relieved by the decision. But this ruling does not mean that the plaintiffs can immediately receive the compensation. Frustration of the plaintiffs continues. (NAKAGAWA Miyuki) 
Photo: Plaintiffs before the ruling