Thursday, February 22, 2018

The PyeongChang Olympics An alternative voice group hold an International Forum

In Korea the opening ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics took place on February 9th,2018. The PyeongChang Olympics was said to have lacking public enthusiasm, but after the announcement of North Korea’s participation, Olympic mood seems to have surged in accordance with such developments as North Korean women’s ice hockey team joining South Korean counterpart by way of forming a united national team, exchange plans to hold cultural performances, and VIPs visiting the event from the North.
    On February 8th, the day before the opening ceremony, people who have raised their voices against the Olympics Games in South Korea and Japan held a Korea-Japan International Forum, at a common space located in Mapo-gu District, Soeul, in an attempt to examine and discuss problems arising from the Olympics.
The number of the participants was approximately 30 to 40. As witnessed in such events as the Incheon Asian Games, the Formura 1 GP held in Korea, mega sports events ended up in failures, despite the fact that each of these events were held on a gigantic scale. But, not many people have cried out against the PyeongChang Olympics sofar. The International Forum showed that there are people voicing no to the Olympics. (International Division)

平昌オリンピック もうひとつの声〜が国際フォーラム

韓国では今日(29)、平昌冬季オリンピックの開会式が開かれる。 盛り上がりに欠けると言われていた平昌オリンピックだが、北朝鮮からの参加と女子アイスホッケーの南北統一チーム構成、そして北朝鮮による文化公演や要人の参加などで一気にオリンピック・ムードが盛り上がっているようだ。 しかし、そうしたオリンピック・ムードの中、平昌オリンピックに反対の声を上げてきた 「平昌冬季オリンピック反対市民監視団」、「平昌オリンピック反対連帯」が、開会式前日の28日夜、韓国のソウル市麻浦区にあるフリースペース「共有地」で、オリンピックに起因する問題を考える日韓国際フォーラムを開催した。 参加者はざっと3040人程度で、みんな厚いコートやジャケットを着込んでいる。会場はあまり十分に暖房が入っていないのだろう。 これまで韓国では、仁川アジア大会の失敗、フォーミュラ1の失敗など、「経済効果」をうたって大々的に開かれたメガスポーツ・イベントの失敗にもかかわらず、平昌オリンピックに反対する声は必ずしも大きくはない。しかし反対の声を上げ続ける人々は確実に存在する。(レイバーネット国際部)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Packaged settlement for“Ari-san” moving company dispute ~ The worker becomes a full-time staff of the Union

 On February 13, 37 workers of a moving company, “Arisan Mark no Hikkoshisha” including NOMURA Yasuhiro( photo left) finally agreed to a packaged settlement in a dispute demanding the company of payment of overtime and the return of indemnity for accidents in the Central Labor Relations Commission. It is about three years since Nomura first consulted Precariat Union, and it was a long road. Nomura revealed his real name taking this opportunity. The provisions of the settlement clearly state that the company will not demand the members of Precariat Union the charge for indemnity for accidents if there is no intention or no heavy negligence.Ari-san” moving company settles by paying the settlement money  to the union members. The amount of the settlement money is not disclosed. At the press conference Nomura said, “The power difference between the worker and the employer is outright. I want many people to join the union. I want them to create a firm working environment with their own power.” Nomura said he would retire from the moving company to become a full-time staff of Precariat Union. (By TSUCHIYA Tokachi) 
Photo: Nomura on the left at the press conference on February 14, showing the word "settlement"


写真 214日の記者会見