Friday, October 14, 2011

Nothing Is More Valuable than Life!: 60,000 Participate Japan's Largest Ever Anti-nuclear Rally

On 19 September, Meiji Park in Tokyo was filled with people and their calls for abolishment of nuclear power plants. Organized workers and other citizens belonging to all sorts of groups as well as individuals not affiliated with any particular organizations gathered together, expressing their desires for nuclear-free world on banners and sign boards. "Fukushima is still much contaminated with radiation. The status is far from 'under controll.' We will by no means allow other nuclear plants to resume operation. There is noting more valuable than the life!" Core promoters cried out angrily and the crowd responded with enthusiastic applaud.
The rally was followed by a demonstration march in three routes. Though the march lasted for for more than four hours, the participants were cheerful. They seemed to be delighted, empowered by the fact that as many as sixty thousand people came together.
The day certainly marked a historic step in the movement toward the nuclear-free world. (By M)
Photo report and video by Masanori Yumoto Photo, Mainichi Shimbun Video, Kyodo News Snap shots, Labornet JP Video, OurPlanet-TV
Live Report in English with Japanese subtitle, Labornet TV (10 min.)Photos, various unions Video, action against TEPCO by three unions


9月19日、東京・明治公園は人・人・人の波、そして「原発いらない」の声であふれた。市民・労働者はじめあらゆる団体・個人が、旗を掲げプラカードに思いをこめて集まってきた。「福島は放射能まみれで事故は収束していない。再稼働などとんでもない。命より大事なものはあるのか!」。怒りの呼びかけ人アピールに呼応して、拍手が地響きのように起きた。3コースに分かれたデモは4時間以上続いたが、人々の表情は明るかった。「6万人も集まった」という自信と喜びだった。この日はまちがいなく、「脱原発運動」の歴史的一歩を刻印する日となった。(M) 写真報告 ・動画(湯本雅典)毎日新聞写真  ・共同通信(動画)  ・スナップ(報道部)  ・動画(OurPlanet-TV) ・レイバーネットTV(現場中継・2ヶ国語版10分)写真(ユニオン系)動画(3単組の東電抗議行動) 


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