Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Report on delivering a letter to the TEPCO President's house

This is a part of a report by the “Tour Group to Deliver a Letter to TEPCO President, Katsumata” on their efforts to get to his house on December 25th. The group went to the Yotsuya Sanchome area and just around the corner of a convenience store was Katsumata's house. But police officers were blocking the street like a wall. Isn't this an illegal occupation of public road? Why were they doing this? Whose interests were they serving? The road to his house was packed with the participants of the tour. After an argument back and forth, the police allowed us to use the road, but only three people at a time. I went through the checkpoint and walked to the house with Sono Ryota and Himawari-san. Sono shouted at Katsumata's house, which looked like a huge white coffin, “Why is this house protected by police? If this were not Japan, it would be set on fire immediately and be done with!”(Ueda Mami)
Movie: Photo: The tour group heading to Katsumata's house


新宿から四谷三丁目まであっという間。コンビニの角を曲がると勝俣会長邸、ところが警察官の壁が出来ている。一列に並んで道路を塞いでいる。これは警察による公道の不法占拠では? なんでお巡りさんが道を塞いでるの? 誰の為の何の為の公僕なの? コンビニ横の通路にはツアー参加者で溢れました。通せ!通さない!の押し問答の末、何故か「三人づつなら勝俣邸への道を通す」となりました。前代未聞。公道を国民が自由に通行出来ないのです。<関所>が勝俣邸前の歩道に出来ました。三人と言う事で私とひまわりさん園良太さんで<通行>しました。園さんは白い棺桶のような勝俣邸に向かって「何故ここは守られてるんだ! これが他の国であれば焼き払われて終わりだ!」と叫んでいました。(12/25・上田眞実)・動画(勝俣邸前訴え) *写真=勝俣邸に向かうツアー一行


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