Saturday, June 6, 2015

900 protesters totally against “war legislation” take action to block Diet debate

“We are absolutely opposed to the war legislation!” “We’ll never ever allow this country to wage war again!” Angry protesters’ rhythmical chants boomed into the blue sky without a cloud. The emergency action began at noon on May 26, the day when the debate on a set of new security bills started in the Diet. About 900 people gathered in front of the Diet members’ office buildings to take part in the action held under strong sunshine. The number of participants was more than that of the protest staged on Thursday the week before, which made the organizer, TAKADA Ken, surprised. “In many years, we haven’t had such a large attendance in the action on the day of the start of debate,” he said. Democratic Party Diet member KONDO Shoichi reported in the rally on how the parliamentary discussions were going. “When I made questions in the plenary session the other day, other members were shouting and jeering for about 70% of the time allocated to me. They were extremely noisy particularly when I mentioned ‘war legislation,” he said. The Abe administration is trying to deceive the people by calling the war legislation ‘peace and safety legislation.’ They fear that the people get to know what the legislation will really bring about. It is therefore necessary for us to make efforts to make the phrase ‘war legislation’ well known among the general public. (By M)

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「戦争法案」審議入 りを許さない!~約900人が「絶対反対」を叫ぶ
 「戦 争法案 絶対反対!」「戦争する 国 絶対反対!」。怒りをこめたリズミカルなコールが国会前に響き渡った。526日「安保法制」が 審議 入りとなったこの日、午後12時から議員会館前で緊急行動が行われ た。雲ひとつない青空、そして強い日 差しのなか、先週の木曜行動を上回る約900人 が参加した。主催者の高田健さんも、「審議入り行動でこれ だけ集まったことは最近にない」と驚いていた。集会で近藤昭一議員(民主党)は「私が先日、本会議で 質問に立ったが、7割くらいが怒号とヤジ。とくに“戦争法案”という言葉を出したときがすごかっ た」と国 会内の様子を報告した。「平安法」といってごまかそうとしている安倍政権の弱点は「戦争法案」の本質 を突かれること。だからこそ、この言葉を国民の間に浸透させていくことの重要性を実感した。(M) 
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