Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oita Cannon Industrial Dispute Settlement: “It Was Right to Fight!”

Oita Cannon Branch of Nikken Sougyo Union held a press conference on April 27th announcing that the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare would report settlement for the industrial dispute. The dispute reached settlement after Oita Cannon was held responsible and made to pay compensation to approximately 700 Nikken Sougyo contractors. The compensation amounts to a total of some 200 million yen covering their average wage during the employment contract period, payment for unpaid holidays, and support for living expenses, amongst other things. Oita Cannon must cover half of this amount and the labour hire agency must pay the other half. Union branch leader Kato expressed, “We were able to settle because we didn’t take it lying down. I’m glad that we continued fighting even though I initially had doubts”. Reported by Tokachi Tsuchiya. *Photo: Demonstration at Canon General Shareholders Meeting (source: Gatenkeirentai Blog)


 4月27日、日研総業ユニオン大分キヤノン分会は厚生労働省にて闘争解決を報告する記者会見を行った。大分キヤノンが一定の責任を負うかたちで、解雇された日研総業の請負社員約700人に雇用補償を約束。闘いが解決したと報告した。補償内容は雇用契約残期間の平均賃金、有給休暇の買い上げ、生活支援金など総額約2億円。半分を大分キヤノンが負担するという。加藤分会長は、「勇気を出して声を上げたことで、解決できた。組合は最初信じられなかったが続けて良かった」と発言した。(土屋トカチ)*写真=3/27キヤノン株主総会行動 ・ガテン系連帯ブログ

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