Thursday, October 15, 2009

Labor Film Festa 2009 Makes a Great Success with Record High 220 Viewers

On September 26, Labor Film Festa 2009 was held at Zensuido Kaikan Hall in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, in its third year. In the face of the storm of new liberalism in today's world, eight films were screened, condemning the harsh working environment through on-the-ground reporting. Viewers of the day totaled to 220, making a record for the Festa. Although the program was so tough that there was no break between films, visitors appreciated it, unanimously saying, "Time has gone by before I know it." After the Festa was over, some of the participants joined the staff members as they had a celebration in a small park near the venue with rice balls, oolong tea and beer from a shop. Blown in the wind across the Kanda River below, they enjoyed singing, exchanging senryu (17-syllable satirical or humorous poems) and discussing the films screened. The outdoor interaction party lasted until deep into the night in gaiety with encounters with new people.(Y at Reporting Section)


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