Thursday, October 15, 2009

Winter Soldiers, Rick and Adam, Visit Okinawa - Developing Solidarity with Okinawans

On September 18, in Naha, an emergency rally was organized in the wake of the "administration change". People of Okinawa moved to clearly represent their will to urge the Democratic Party of Japan to keep their words in their election pledge that they would have Futenma Airbase transferred to outside the prefecture. (About 600 people participated. See the photo.) Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, Rick Reyes and Adam Kokesh said they "wanted to see the rally". On the site, they found a rally taking place orderly, showing deep resolve. While listening to background explanation, it appeared a strong feeling of solidarity emerged in them. The organizer of the rally welcomed the two and introduced them to the rally participants as "veterans going around Japan to let people know that the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan are crimes", which invited big applause. (After the rally, they marched to demand the return of Futenma and scrapping of the new base construction plan.) (Masumi Mukai, on tour with the two) Visit, and


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