Monday, August 16, 2010

Labor Film Festival 2010 – 220 audiences from all age groups

On July 24, 2010, the Labor Film Festival was held on the 6th floor of Tamachi Kotsu Building in central Tokyo, with 220 audiences. The participants were from an unprecedentedly wide range of age groups, such as young union members and seniors. Screened in the well-equipped hall were “Capitalism: A Love Story”, “No Time to Die”, “Garment Girls of Bangladesh”, “Frontline of Japan’s Labor Movement” and “Your War and My War”. At the lobby, Johnny H performed impromptu “Sales Promotion Songs”. After “No Time to Die” was shown, 86-year old Masunaga Sumiko, who appeared in the film, talked on the stage (photo). Her comment was very impressive, “I was only taught to kill as a child of the Emperor before World War II. Trade unions have enabled me to think about human lives and learn free and real ways of living as a human being”.

レイバー映画祭2010 開催される~若者から年配者まで220人

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