Sunday, August 28, 2011

Grassroots organization: Some areas in Tokyo suburbs contaminated as seriously as in Chernobyl

The “Radiation Defense Project”, which is a grassroots group led by KINOSHITA Kota, journalist, measured soil radioactivity in 150 spots in the Tokyo metropolitan area and released the survey results on August 8, 2011. There are four highly contaminated spots equivalent to “Chernobyl Zone 3”, whose radioactive level is 185,000 to 555,000Bq/m2 so as to entitle a right to relocate to anyone who wishes to do so. There are 29 less contaminated spots equivalent to “Chernobyl Zone 4”, whose radioactive level is 37,000 to 185,000Bq/m2, in which residents are not required to evacuate but are subjected to strict health monitoring. The most shocking results were found in Misato City, Saitama Prefecture. The city has been known as a “hot spot” due to its high air dose rate and had a surprisingly high level of radiation, 919,100Bq/m2. This is equivalent to “Chernobyl Zone 2”, whose radioactive level is 550,000 to 1,480,000Bq/m2 so as to recommend all residents to evacuate”. (KUROGANE Ko) * Webpage of the “Radiation Defense Project” * Results of soil survey in Tokyo metropolitan area (pdf) * Video (OurPlanet-TV) * Photo: Released contamination map

 ジャーナリスト・木下黄太氏の呼びかけで集まった市民で構成された「放射能防御プロジェクト」による首都圏150箇所の土壌放射能測定結果が、8月8日の記者会見で公表されました。検査結果ですが、首都圏でもチェルノブイリ事故の際の「第3区域」(185,000~555,000Bq/m2;希望者に移住の権利が与えられる)に相当する高濃度汚染地域が4カ所出ました。住民を避難させないが厳重に健康管理を行うべきとされる「第4区域」(37,000~ 185,000Bq/m2)相当は29もの場所に及んでいます。そして、最も衝撃的な検査結果が出たのが埼玉県三郷市です。ここは、原発事故の直後から既に空間線量がずば抜けて高い「ホットスポット」として知られていましたが、今回の検査では、なんと919,100Bq/m2という途方もない数値が出ました。これは、チェルノブイリ事故における「第2区域」(住民全員に避難勧告;550,000~1,480,000Bq/m2)に相当します。(黒鉄好)・防御プロジェクトHP  ・首都圏土壌調査結果(pdf)  ・動画(OurPlanet-TV)  *写真=発表された汚染マップ

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