Friday, August 12, 2011

"Training" To Punish Teachers Who Refused To Stand Up along Kimigayo: a Hundred Supporters Protested

The Tokyo Metropolitan Education Board held on July 21 a "training" to prevent recurrence of disobedience to its notice of 2003 that demanded upstanding while the national anthemn is played during ceremonies at prefectural schools. Three out of seven teachers who refused to stand up while Kimigayo was played during the graduation or the entrance ceremonies attended the "training". The other four resigned by the time of "training." Approximately 100 people gathered in front the training center of the TMEB, the venue of the "training," to protest to it and support the punished teachers. A group of lawyers attempted to submit a letter to the TMEB that denounces the notice, but the TMEB refused to receive it without giving reasons. In the past, they received similar letters for six times. It is suspected that their move this time was inspired by the supreme court's rulings of June and July that concluded the TMEB's notice was constitutional. One of the teachers who did not stand along with Kimigayo during the entrance ceremony said after the "training" that s/he had always refused to stand up, but was never condemned before. "I am not ashamed," said s/he. "Though the TMEB tried to discipline me on charge of negligence on duty, there is no reason why I should be reproached." (Hidekiyo Watabe)



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