Monday, September 9, 2013

No to revision of Temporary Staffing Law! Don’t let Japan be the most comfortable country for companies!

“Have the academics in the Temporary Workers Study Group actually met and heard from temporary workers? I’m really mad with anger. Direct employment should be the norm and temporary work should be exceptional. If the Temporary Staffing Services Law is revised, temporary work will become the norm. I won’t allow it happen!”, a member of Shitamachi Community Union raised his voice against the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. August 30 10 a.m., some 100 union members from Zenroren and Zenrokyo gathered in front of the Ministry to protest against the Labor Policy Council, which started that day. The organizer of the action urged to stop the revision, saying “The Abe government is aiming to deregulate labor law to make Japan the most comfortable country in the world for companies. The revision of the Temporary Staffing Services Law will lead to the expansion of temporary work.” (M)

「労働者派遣研究会の学者はハケンの人の話を直接聞いたのか! 腹の底から怒りを感じる。雇用は直接雇用が原則ではないのか。ハケンはあくまで限定的であるべき。今度改悪されたらハケンがあたりまえにされてしまう。絶対に許せない!」。下町ユニオンのメンバーが厚労省に向かって怒りをぶつけた(写真)。830日午前10時、厚労省前で全労連・全労協・中小ネットの組合員たち約100人が集まり、この日からはじまる「派遣法を見直す労政審」に抗議した。主催者は、「安倍政権は“日本を世界で一番企業が動きやすい国にする”として、労働の規制緩和を推進。今回の派遣制度の見直しは、ハケンの固定化・拡大に道を開くものである」として、断固反対していこうと訴えた。(M 

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