Thursday, January 16, 2014

'Man in front of the court house' given unfair verdict ~ OTAKA Shoji released on completion of sentence~

The decision was handed down at Tokyo High Court to the man in front of the court house--OTAKA Shoji on Dec. 20.  Although the defense team objected to the control of court proceedings at the beginning and filed motions, challenge of the judge, and protested that the presiding judge, INOUE Hiromichi, turned all of them at the door.  After announcing the dismissal of the appeal, he read aloud the summary of the reasons for 35 minutes. The courtroom spectators couldnt help but sigh to find many mistakes in the factual finding. At the press conference after the ruling, the chief Attorney HASEGAWA criticized severely, It is worse than the lower court decision.”  While Attorney OGUCHI criticized by saying, It is a virtual trial, entirely in the mind, KAWAMURA of the defense team said, It is a foregone conclusion filled with contradictions.
Although the high court upheld the sentencing to 1 and half years in prison, Otaka had already been detained for a year and three months. Because the days spent in pre-sentencing detention is included into the sentence, the court decided to release him.  Walking out of the detention center, he looked in good shape and said, Im a little overweight due to a lack of exercise. Im determined to appeal to the Supreme Court and fight back. (By M) 
Photo = the defense lawyers from left;OGUCHI Akihiko,  HASEGAWA Naohiko, HAGIO Kenta

「裁判所前の男」控訴審 結論ありきの不当判決!~大高正二さんは満期で釈放

  12月20日午後、「裁判所前の男・大高正二」裁判の控訴審判決が東京高裁であった。弁護団は冒頭、この間の訴訟指揮に抗議して「裁判官忌避」を申立て果 敢に抵抗したが、全て井上弘通裁判長は門前払い。そして、裁判長は「主文 控訴を棄却する」と述べたあと、35分にわたって判決要旨を読み上げた。事実認定のごまかしが随所にあり、傍聴席からはため息が漏れた。判決後の記者会見 (写真)で、長谷川主任弁護士は「一審よりひどい判決」、大口弁護士「頭の中だけのバーチャル判決」、河村弁護士「結論ありきで矛盾だらけ」と厳しく批判 した。一審判決の懲役1年2月が維持されたが、大高さんはすでに1年3月も勾留されていた。この日の判決で「未決日数を算入する」とされたため、大高さん の釈放も決まった。この日夜、東京拘置所から出てきた大高さんはとても元気で「運動不足でちょっと太った。最高裁に上告してたたかう」と述べていた。 (M)

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