Saturday, January 11, 2014

Nakaima lost his soul! Action in front of the Diet in solidarity with Okinawa

As of December 27, a protest sit-in around the Okinawa Prefectural Hall is continuing, as governor NAKAIMA Hirokazu intends to approve the landfill at Henoko to make a new US base. In Tokyo, citizens raised their voices in solidarity with the Okinawa people in front of the Prime Minister’s office and the Diet. On December 26, angry voices were heard in front of the Diet; “Prime minster Abe intimidated Nakaima into breaking the unity of people of Okinawa. I will never forgive him.” “Nakaima lost his soul. The people of Okinawa are sitting-in to recover the soul. Let’s fight in solidarity!” The leader of the plaintiffs in the Futenma base suit, SHIMADA Zenji, reported from Okinawa  by phone and was heard through loud speakers. Protest actions will continue on December 27 and 28 in front of the Defense Ministry. (M)  



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