Saturday, January 21, 2017

“METI plays games, we play mochi (rice cake) pounding” – Anti-nuke struggle also continues this year

 On January 4, 2017, the movement of the “Anti-Nuke Tent in front of the METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)” started with the usual rice cake pounding. When some tent staffs started pounding, several police officers repeatedly told them, “No, stop it”. However, while negotiations between them continued, rice cakes were ready. More than 50 persons gathered at the street vendor-like ambience in front of the ministry to enjoy various kinds of rice cakes and pork miso soup. FUCHIGAMI Taro, leader of the Anti-Nuke Tent, said, “There are full of problems with the restart of nuclear power plants. The serious contradiction of spent nuclear fuel that has nowhere to go is becoming more and more obvious. Nuclear power generation has already lost economic rationality. Even some government employees doubt it. We would like to strengthen our campaign to urge the government to denuclearize”. A sit-in continues in front of the ministry on weekdays between noon and 6pm. The METI can never escape from the people’s demand for denuclearization this year, either. (M)
* Photo: People enjoying rice cakes



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