Friday, January 6, 2017

“What’s wrong with our banners?” Labor Lawyers Association stands up for freedom of speech

“These banners show our anger, demands and determination” explained NAKAHARA Junko, one of the dismissed workers, at the news conference held on December 26th. She was dismissed from Fuji Platemaking Co, a subsidiary of a printing company Fujibi in 2012. The banners read “We won’t allow discarding workers!” “A major printing Co. Fujibi should take the responsibility!” “No to wage theft by the billionaire President!” The company claimed that these words were libel and sued the dismissed workers. Tokyo High Court accepted the claim and ordered the workers to pay 3.5 million Yen in compensation. The Labor Lawyers Association issued a protest resolution on November 11th and asked the Supreme Court to cancel this High Court decision. The Association held a press conference on December 26th and the President of the Association, TOKUZUMI Kenji, said, “Freedom of speech is vital for labor unions. We will not let go this decision”. NAKAHARA also spoke at the conference, “I hope the Court will understand the feelings of the working people. There are many workers who cannot speak up. With these silent voices on our back, we will reverse the decision at the Supreme Court”. (M)


「このノボリ旗には私たちの怒り・要求・決意がこもっています」、解雇された中原純子さんは、1226日の記者会見でノボリ旗を掲げた(写真)。そこには「安い給料で使い捨て 泣き寝入りしないぞ/荒川区の『印刷御三家』フジビは責任を取れ!/億万長者の社長が給料・退職金をふみ倒すな!」と書いてある。ところが「この文言が会社に対する名誉毀損である」という会社の言い分を、東京地裁・高裁は認め、解雇された人に350万円を払えという判決を下した。前代未聞の判決に日本労働弁護団(1700人)も「看過できない」と立ち上がった。1111日には異例の抗議決議を採択し、最高裁に判決変更を求めている。26日の会見で徳住会長は「労働組合にとって言論活動は生命線。絶対に許されない」と語気を強めた。中原さんは「裁判所には働くものの気持ちをわかってほしい。泣き寝入りしている労働者はたくさんいるが、その声を背景に最高裁で覆していきたい」と胸を張った。(M

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