Sunday, May 21, 2017

Struggle against the “Conspiracy Bill” continues: “The ruling parties, don’t tell a lie!”

 On May 9, 2017, 550 people including labor activists joined a rally for scrapping of the Conspiracy Bill in front of the Diet Building in central Tokyo. Their placards said, “Conspiracy Bill as counter-terrorism? Don’t tell a lie!” Three opposition lawmakers, MATAICHI Seiji from the Social Democratic Party, YAMAZOE Taku from the Japanese Communist Party, and OSAKA Seiji from the Democratic Party, also participated in the rally. Osaka said, “More than 400 people joined a meeting in my hometown Hakodate on May 3. More and more people know how terrible this bill is. Still many people support the bill as counter-terrorism without understanding its contents, but they change their opinions once they know the reality. I would like to reveal the deceit of the government carefully during the Diet session”. Unfortunately, on May 19, the Legal Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives passed the bill. (SASAKI Yumi)



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