Friday, September 8, 2017

No More Low Wages and Long Working Hours! ~ 200 Workers Form the “Sanko Taxi Workers’ Union”

On August 21st, a labor union in Mie Prefecture, “Union Mie” (General Workers Union Mie Prefecture), successfully organized some two hundred workers at Sanko Taxi Company in Tsu City across all eight of its offices (CEO NAKAJIMA Yoshihiro). Three days later, on August 24th, Union Mie held a press conference after notifying the company about the formation of the “Sanko Taxi Workers’ Union” and plans for collective bargaining. Along with NOGUCHI Kaoru, the president of the new union, 30 workers visited the Sanko Taxi Company headquarters that day and handed a list of demands to a company executive. In addition to starting collective bargaining negotiations on September 6th, the demands include ameliorating the situation of employees working long hours for low wages, and eradicating harassment of every kind given that the union received reports of harassment from each of the eight offices. At the press conference, NOGUCHI said in a statement: “We aren’t just fighting for workers at Sanko Taxi Company. We’re hoping our work will lead to improvements in working conditions for the entire industry.” (Jinbu Akai)
 Photo Workers in front of Sanko Taxi Company headquarters after notifying executives about the formation of their new union.


三重県の労働組合、「ユニオンみえ( 三重一般労働組合」は、株式会社三交タクシー(津市乙部・中島嘉浩社長)の従業員、約200人(8つすべての営業所)を組織し、821日に「三交タクシーユニオン」を結成した。そして、824日、本社に組合結成と団体交渉の通告を行い、記者会見を開いた。24日は新たに結成された「三交タクシーユニオン」の野口薫委員長をはじめ、組合員ら30人が株式会社三交タクシー本社を訪れ、同社役員に要求書を手渡した。組合は96日に団体交渉を開催すること、「低賃金で長時間働かなければならない実態をなんとかしてほしい」「各営業所から各種ハラスメントの相談が寄せられている」とし、あらゆるハラスメントの根絶などを求めた。野口委員長は同日の記者会見で、「私たちは三交タクシーだけの問題に取り組むのではなく、この業界全体の処遇改善につながるように頑張りたい」と決意を語っている。(神部紅) 報告 *写真=組合結成を通告したユニオンメンバー(会社前)

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