Friday, December 8, 2017

"Most Evil Corporation of the Year" Awards Committee nominates NHK, eight companies

The committee announced this year’s nomination for awards for corporate malpractices on Nov. 27. They are Zeria Pharmaceutical Co., Inageya supermarket, Panasonic, Niigata Shimin Hospital and others, most of which have reported karoshi deaths over excess work. NHK, which is a public broadcasting corporation overseen by the Internal Affairs Ministry, reported a death of a 31-year-old reporter in July 2013. Next year, the cause of her death was confirmed a cardiac arrest due to long work hours, and the case was officially approved as a worker’s compensation issue. The investigation by her family showed her overtime hours before she died was 209 hours. NHK finally announced this karoshi case in October, but the bereaved family claims it is a “human error” due to management failure.
 The public voting for the awards is open until Dec. 22, and the announcement ceremony would be held on Dec. 23. (By M)
Photo: NHK Broadcasting Center 



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