Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Demonstrating Against Miyako Island's Authoritarian Corporate Culture: The Island's Second Ever Demonstration in History

In Okinawa's Miyako Island there still exits a culture of the company president being like a god and workers being his or her slaves. There is no culture where workers can “talk” with management. The only private company where a trade union operates is the Miyako Mainichi Shimbun Newspaper. On June 4, more than 100 unionists and supporters marched through the streets to raise awareness of the island as whole on the importance increasing unions to advocate for workers rights, and to protest against the ongoing unfair actions taken by the Miyako Mainichi Shimbun Newspaper (see photo). This is only the second time ever in the island's history that workers have demonstrated for their rights. The demonstration was followed in the evening by a Symposium to Consider the Rights of Workers in Miyako Island in which other unions also participated. (Written by Chie Matsumoto)


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