Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We Don't Need New Piracy Law! Stop the Permanent SDF Overseas Deployment Law!

200 Demonstrate Outside Diet Building during Lunch Break The government is trying to use the Somalia piracy measure as an excuse to pass a law allowing the government permanent legal authority to dispatch armed SDF overseas. Moreover, they are trying to use this as a way to implement changes to the Constitution by activating the Constitution Review Board. On June 9, some 200 demonstrators gathered outside the Diet to protest against the changes. The organiser, Ken Takada, warned participants in the opening speech of impending crisis and railed against the changes: “Prime Minister Aso claims that we need to start a war to defend ourselves against North Korea. We live in times where the PM can openly say something that flies in the face of Article 9. His solution is to solve international conflict through war. The thought of it makes me sick.” Both the government and opposition parties are aiming to adopt the New Piracy Law after the regular session at the House of Councillors and commence the Constitution Review Board at the regular session of the lower house. This week and next week will be the big turning point of this law, and the 5/3 Constitution Assembly Committee will call out to participants to attend the Committee and to continue participating in actions. Click link for video on UnionTube.

 政府は、ソマリア沖の海賊対処を口実に自衛隊の海外での武器使用の恒久化を狙い、さらには、憲法審査会を始動させる事で憲法改悪の実行過程に踏みこもうとしている。6月9日昼、これに反対する国会デモが行われ、200人が集まった。主催者挨拶で高田健さんは「麻生首相は、北朝鮮に対して戦争で対抗する、と言い出した。“戦争で国際問題を解決する”という9条に真っ向から反することを首相が公然と言い出す時代になったことに、腹の底から怒りを感じる」と危機感をあらわにした。政府・与党は、「海賊対処新法」を19日の参院本会議で、憲法審査会の始動を11日の衆院本会議で採決強行を狙っている。今週・来週が最も大きな山場であり、5・3憲法集会実行委員会は、委員会傍聴と引き続く行動への参加を呼びかけている。 ・動画(UnionTube)

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