Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's Phony to Summarize Lawsuit in Three Days! -- Protest Against Lay Judge System Before Enactment

About 300 people gathered to protest Japan's lay judge system in the evening of May 20, the day before the system was enacted. The rally held at Tokyo's Hibiya Park proceeded to a march around town involving workers on the way home and unionists who raised colorful banners and panels reading, "We will not allow lay judge system." NHKconducted a nationwide survey this month, which showed 75percent of the people surveyed were concerned about participating in a lawsuit because of heavy responsibility and a lack of confidence in making the right judgment. Demonstrators yelled, "You can't draw a verdict in three days! It's phony if a lawsuit is summarized in three days"and "We will not approve of prison sentence or fine if lay judges leak information to others." (By Y)



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