Monday, September 27, 2010

No to Ishihara and Tokyo Metropolitan Education Board! 150 join march in Shinjuku

Our “August 28 Action to Siege the Tokyo Metropolitan Education Board” made a success with 150 participants despite scorching heat! We started appealing and collecting petition signatures at the west and east entrances of Shinjuku Station in Tokyo from 2 PM, and marching the downtown area from 3:15 PM. We walked through 2.3 kilometers in the extreme heat, making our messages reach passers-by. Masunaga Sumiko, an 86-year old antiwar activist, also made it through the whole demonstration. Almost all of the participants carried fans with such slogans as “Ishihara out!” and “Don’t coerce Hinomaru and Kimigayo (Japan’s controversial national flag and anthem)”. Various groups showed their flags, bibs and banners, and some performed Japanese drums for solidarity. (Watanabe Hidekiyo) Mkimpo Photo Gallery. Video (UnionTube)

 全国の仲間の皆さん! 28日の「8・28都教委包囲行動」は猛暑の中、150名の参加で成功しました。午後2時より新宿駅西口と東口で街頭宣伝と署名活動を行い、3時15分より新宿繁華街デモをやりました。炎天下、約2・3キロを、沿道の市民にシュプレヒコールで訴えながら、練り歩きました。86歳の益永スミコさんも全行程自力で歩かれました。今回は「石原やめろ」「日の丸・君が代強制反対」の文字が入ったウチワを参加者のほとんど全員が持ち歩きました。他にも、いろいろな団体の旗やぜっけん、横断幕、さらには太鼓、鳴り物もあり、それなりに賑やかでした。(渡部秀清)・ムキンポ写真館動画(UnionTube)

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