Thursday, September 30, 2010

Struggles of people in 70s --Tour to Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant

Some 50 people went on a tour to Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant on August 5 as a part of 65th anniversary campaign to eradicate A- and H-bomb World Conference. The struggle against Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant in Yamaguchi Prefecture continues for 28 years mainly with the people on Iwai Island, about 4 kilometers from the building location of the power plant. The average age of the island population of 500 has reached 70. But they never get tired. They continue surveillance and sit-ins day and night at the building location. The support has spread across Japan, and more than 850,000 signatures were collected for the petition. At the reception, Sadao Yamado, a committee chair, reported that there Is an active fault in the building location and the island. The information is significant for the protest. (By Masanori Yumoto) View video on Union Tube. Photo: Tour participants cheer delegation of the building location.

 8月5日、被爆65周年原水禁世界大会広島大会の一環として上関(かみのせき)原発現地交流ツアーが取り組まれ、全国から50名が参加した。山口県上関原発反対の闘いは、原発立地予定地からわずか4キロ対岸の祝島の島民(人口500名)を中心に、1982年から28年間の長期に渡って続けられてきた。島民の平均年齢は70歳を超えた。しかし、建設予定地での島民の体を張った監視・座り込みが連日行われ、支援の輪も全国に広がり原発建設反対署名も85万以上が集まった。交流会では、祝島島民の会代表運営委員の山戸貞夫さんから「祝島と原発建設予定地の間に、活断層があることが判明した」など、現在の闘いの局面を知る上での重要な状況説明があった。(湯本雅典) ・動画(UnionTube) *写真=現地監視団を激励するツアー参加者

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