Thursday, September 6, 2012

Emotional get-together of tax agency workers from Korea and Japan

On August 19, two Korean workers were invited to the 70th general annual meeting of the Japan Tax Agency Workers Union. The two were Kim Dong-il, who works in the Korean Tax Agency, and Kim Dae-yeol from the National Government Workers Union. Kim Dong-il was dismissed in May 2009 for criticizing the arbitrary tax investigation, which is said to be the cause of Roh Moo-hyun ex-President. Kim took his case to the court to “let the people know what they ought to know”. After 30 months struggle in the court, he was able to get a withdrawal of the dismissal from the Supreme Court in November 2011 and was reinstated at the Naju Tax Office the following December. (OZAWA Kuniko)


8 19日、全国の税務署で働く労働者の組合、全国税労働組合第70回定期大会に、韓国の税務職員・金東日(キムドンイル)さんと韓国の全国公務員労働組合 金大烈(キムデヨル)さんが招請され、あいさつし、交流が行われました(写真)。金東日さんは、20095月、ノムヒョン前大統領を自殺に追い込んだ といわれる韓国国税庁の恣意的な税務調査を職場の内部掲示板で告発し、解職処分を受けました。金東日さんは「国民が知るべきことを明らかにするため」と、 裁判闘争に立ち上がりました。30ヶ月に及ぶ裁判闘争の末、昨年11月、韓国大法院で解職処分取消の判決を勝ち取り、12月、羅州(ナジュ)税務署に復帰 しました。(尾澤邦子)

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