Thursday, January 24, 2013

Beyond disappointment – Message from France

 More than 6 months have passed since the center-left coalition led by the Socialist Party took power in France after ten years. We are sorry for the absence but, as you know, we have been continuously disappointed by the current Hollande administration as seen in its economic and nuclear policies. In addition, we set up a network of Japanese living overseas for the abolition of nuclear power plants called the “Outsiders Net” on the occasion of protests against the restart of the Oi Nuclear Power Plant of last summer, which were held both in Japan and overseas. A group in Paris, “Outsiders in France” (Photo) has organized meetings and events once a month together with the SNP, a local anti-nuke grassroots group since last October. These are why I was too busy to write a column. Such meetings and events are still small as the French media rarely report Fukushima, and nuclear power, on which France depends heavily, did not become an issue in the last election, as in Japan. (TAKAHATA Yuki “From a Window in Paris” Vol. 22)
Photo: Ms. Takahata is on the far right



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