Friday, January 11, 2013

Result of December 16 General Election : Hitler Delivered!

The Lower House election held on December 16 resulted in a landslide victory of Liberal Democratic Party and a crushing defeat of Democratic Party of Japan. The LDP won 294 seats out of 480, while the DPJ won only 57. Nippon Ishin no To (Japan Restoration Party) became the third with 54 seats. The scale of the victory and the defeat of the two major parties were much larger than previously forecast by mass media. Communist Party and Social Democratic Party, the two traditional liberal parties, both reduced seat counts from 9 to 8 and from 5 to 2 respectively. As has already been pointed out by foreign media, Japanese society will drift further to the right and a dark era of poverty, fascism and war will arrive soon. Four major factors may be named as the main causes for the above-mentioned election result: 1. Voters' disappointment with the government of Democratic Party of Japan;  2. growing nationalistic sentiment that was fueled by territorial disputes including that of Senkaku Islands;  3. widespread frustration felt in the Japanese society due to the stagnant economy; and 4. popularity of the economy-boosting measures proposed by LDP as a quick fix. (Though we must be aware that artificially created markets will only result in the increase of deficits.). (Watanabe Report)
* Cartoon by Ichihanahana with a Senryu poem by Warai-take (laughing mushroom) The poem is to liken the current election results to the delivery of Hitler by ABE Shinzo. It won the Ichihanahana award in the Labor Festival 2012. 3-minute cartoonfilm "The Year That Goes and the Year That Comes" by Ichihanana(without subtitles)

1216日の衆院選(議席480)の結果は、126日に発表された新聞社などの予想を大きく上回り、自民党(294)の圧勝、民主党(57)の惨敗となり ました。また、第三党に維新(54)が入りました。一方、「革新」といわれる共産(9⇒8)、社民(5⇒2)はそれぞれ議席を減らしています。まさに日本 社会は、(国際的にも指摘されていますが)右傾化が段階を画して進行し、<貧困とファシズムと戦争>の冬の時代の到来です。こうした結果になった背景に は、この間の民主党政権に対する失望  尖閣問題などで火が付いたナショナリズム  不況による日本社会の行きづまり  自民党の「目前の景気策」(人為的な市場づくり借金増大)などが上げられると思います。(渡部通信) つづき壱花花HP「自民大勝」の大ウソ自民比例前回なみ(毎日)3分ビデオ「ゆく年くる年」 *「笑い茸」さんのこの川柳はレイバーフェスタで壱花花賞を受賞した  

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