Monday, March 24, 2014

We will never go away!: Trade union formed

“Nakama (Peer) Union Otsuka Foods Company Local” was formed. The company is famous for retort-pouched “Bon Curry”. On March 13, 2014, members of the union notified its formation and filed a request not to force them to quit to the management at the Lake Biwa Research Institute of the food company. Otsuka solicited “voluntary” retirement of 190 employees, 25% of its workforce till March 17. However, its management has persistently forced target employees to quit despite their refusal to do so by saying, “No position for you” and “Your salary will drop by 40%”. Some of them have experienced this kind of interview even four times. The local has demanded the management to stop forcing the employees to leave. In addition, the local has requested Otsuka to appropriately explain its management responsibility and causes of soliciting “voluntary” retirement, concerning the current situation. (Nakama Union)



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