Friday, October 31, 2014

‘Importance of Continuation’ ~Demonstration against Restart of Nuke Plant

 Protesters rallied in front of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Diet Building on the cool night of Sept. 26. Many held a sign stating “Don’t Restart Sendai Nuke Plant.”  This was the 119th of the Friday anti-nuclear demonstration, which has been held every week in front of the Prime Minister’s Office. Misao REDWOLF from the Metropolitan Coalition against Nukes, the organizer of the event, said, “I have attended the demonstration every Friday, that is to say, 119 times. There are not as many people as before, but the number of demonstrators stays consistent these days.” She emphasized the importance of continuing the protest saying, “By gathering here, we’d like to keep sending a message to the pro-nuke people that the voices against nuclear plants have not been toned down.” Lawmaker KIRA Yoshiko, a regular attendant of the protest, gave a pep talk, “We will squarely confront pro-nuke Prime Minister Abe in the extraordinary Diet session. Let’s fight together in and outside of the Diet!” An elderly woman who sat alone on the ground holding a banner of anti-nuke in her hand said, “I just came out of hospitalization in September, but from now on I’ll come every Friday without fail.” (By M) 


少 し肌寒くなった9月26日金曜の夜。この日も官邸前・国会前にはたくさんの人が声をあげた。「川内原発を再稼働するな!」のプラカードが多い。金曜行動も この日で119回目となる。主催者の首都圏反原発連合のミサオ・レッドウルフさん(写真)は、「私は皆勤賞で119回出ている。以前よりは参加者は減った が、このところずっと安定した人数が集まっている。ここの場があることで、脱原発の声が沈静化していないことを、推進派に示し続けたい」と持続する大切さ を語った。常連の吉良よし子議員は国会正門前集会で「再稼働の安倍首相と臨時国会で真正面から対決する。内外で連帯してたたかおう」と檄を飛ばした。ある 高齢の女性は「病気で入院していたが9月に退院したばかり。でもこれから休まず来ます」と、一人地べたに座り脱原発の旗を振っていた。(M) 
動画(木下昌明撮影 6分42秒)

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