Friday, October 24, 2014

No national borders for the right to live! ~ March against racism in Shinjuku, Tokyo

On Oct. 5, some 100 citizens marched in the Shinjuku and Shin-Okubo area in Tokyo as part of the 10.5 Action against Discrimination and Xenophobia.  The civic group that organized the action started anti-racism activities in 2009 when a Filipino family, then living in Warabi City, Satitama Prefecture and requesting the government to grant them a special permission to remain in Japan, was persistently harassed by Zaitoku-kai and other ultra-nationalist groups. They organized counter-actions to those right-wingers and, since then, have organized various activities against racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia. The march was the fourth of their annual street demonstrations they have in autumn. ”Stop discrimination against foreign nationals!” “We are opposed to racial discrimination and xenophobia of any kind!” “We won't tolerate hate speeches or racism!” “The right to live is universal! Let's get united beyond national boundaries!” “Let's raise our voice against racism!” - The chants echoed in the heavy rain along the 3-km route the marchers walked. (By NISHINAKA Seiichiro)      

5日、東京の新宿・新大久保界隈で「許すな! 差別 排外主義 105 ACTION」が行われ、約100人の市民がデモ行進に参加した。同連絡会は、2009年当 時、埼玉県蕨市に在住し在留特別許可を求めていたフィリピン人家族への「在特会」等の嫌がらせ行為に対するカウンター行動の教訓から活動 を立ち上げ、差別排外主義に反対する様々な取り組みを行ってきた。毎年秋に街 頭デモ行進を行い、今回が4回目。台風が迫る大雨の中、「外国人差別反対!」「あらゆる人種差別、排外主義反対!」「ヘイトスピーチも、 レイシズムも許さないぞ!」「生きる権利に国境はないぞ! 国境を越えて連帯しよ う!」「みんなで声を上げよう」と道行く人たちに呼びかけ、約3キロの道程をデモ行進した。(西中誠一郎)

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