Friday, October 3, 2014

‘Send men home earlier’ if the government wants women to shine

Labornet TV featured “Prime Minister Abe’s Policy to Empower Women” on Sept. 24. TAKENOBU Mieko (left) said on the internet TV, “Our situation is totally sad as the equality index between Japanese men and women ranks 101st in the world.”

 Regarding Abe’s policies on women, she expressed her concerns by pointing out that only elite women in corporations will be able to shine. “Abe’s policies will create a system where foreign workers take on house chores, child-raising or care giving—anything that is a burden in the homes, and women will be made to work as hard as men instead. Public welfare will be massively cut,” she said.

 YUNOKI Yasuko (right) expressed her anger by saying that 60 percent of non-regular workers are women but “Abe is pushing to worsen the Dispatch Law for workers. If he gets what he wants, the percentage of women who become non-regular workers will rise to 80 percent. Who can shine within such a system?!”

 Yunoki also called on labor unions to send men home earlier from work. “The main cause of Japan’s misfortune is that work hours are not regulated,” she said. “What we first have to do is to send men home earlier.” (By M)


9 月24日のレイバーネットTVは「女たちが緊急検証・安倍の女性活躍法」を特集した。ゲストの竹信三恵子さん(写真左)は「日本の男女格差指数が世界 101位という余りにお粗末な現実にある」ことを強調した。安倍の女性政策については「輝くのは企業のエリート女性のみ。彼女たちを男並みに働かせるため に、負担となる家事労働や育児・介護は外国人にやらせる仕組みをつくる。これは公的福祉の大幅後退になる」と危惧する。柚木康子さん(右)は「いま女性の 6割は非正規。安倍は派遣法改悪を推進しているが、これで女性の8割が非正規になってしまう。いったいだれが輝くの!」と怒りを露わにした。そして「日本 の不幸の元凶は労働時間の規制がないことだ。まずやることは“早く男を家に帰せ!”ということ。労組もそれを第一に取り組むべき」と檄を飛ばした。(M)

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