Monday, August 24, 2015

Annual anti-Yasukuni actions: Marchers chant “No War!”; “No War Legislation!”

The Yasukuni Candle Action that had jointly been organized by citizens of Korea, Taiwan, Okinawa and Japan marked the 10th anniversary this year. in Tokyo with 700 participants. The program held in Tokyo on August 8 with 700 participants included a symposium on the topic of “Yasukuni Shrine as the backbone of 'proactive contribution to peace',” a concert, speeches and a march with candles. The main concern of the participants this year was the war legislation currently being debated in the Upper house. “Some members of Self Defense Forces will be killed in action if they are fully integrated into the operations of the US military. The fallen SDF members will probably be commemorated in the memorial zone in the premise of Ministry of Defense for the time being, but their deaths will lead to the full revival of 'Yasukuni-ism,' an ideology in which that the deaths of soldiers is received with veneration and gratitude and they are respected as patriotic martyrs. It will work as a message to urge others to be ready to sacrifice their lives for the country. Our activism will play an even more important role in preventing an era dominated by the ideology from coming true,” said Professor TAKAHASHI Tetsuya in the rally. As in the past, large crowds of right-wingers gathered to obstruct the march. They harassed the marchers even more violently this year, but failed to intimidate defiant marchers. The Anti-Yasukuni March was held on August 15 as was in the past years. Despite the violent obstruction by right wingers as usual, none of 200 marchers was injured this year. M

 Video (August 15 March, 3.5 min., no subtitles)

「戦争法反対!」の 声たかく~8.15反「靖国」デモを貫徹

 今年の8.15反「靖国」行動は、アジア連帯 講座など10団体で構成する実行委員会で行われた。前日には安倍談話があったばかりで、主催者アピール でも「責任主体をぼやかし日本の近代史に居直るロジックに満ちた代物」と批判していた。一行200人は午 後4時半に水道橋の「スペースたんぽぽ」からデモに出発。例年とおり、大通りに出ると右翼が待ち構え、 歩道から罵声を浴びせたり突進してきた。靖国神社そばの交差点では、数千人の群衆・右翼・機動隊が入 り乱れ、怒号が飛び交う異常な中での行進。右翼の「日本人の恥!」「朝鮮に帰れ!」という罵声が悲し く聞こえてきた。デモ隊は、元気に「靖国反対」「戦争反対」「天皇制反対」のコールを上げデモを貫徹 した。とくに「戦争法反対!」のプラカードが目立った。今年は、例年のように横断幕を奪われたり怪我 人を出さずに無事終了した。(M)  

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