Friday, October 9, 2015

Union-busting at Honda's Indonesian subsidiary: Workers call for international support and solidarity

Workers of a newly formed labor union at a Honda Motor's joint venture in Indonesia are harshly suppressed by the company and the existing union. Leaders and members of the new union are being threatened with possible lay-offs. They are requesting for support and solidarity from international networks and subsidiaries and affiliates of the Honda International Group.Workers at a factory of PT Honda Prospect Motor (PT HPM), a joint venture for production and sales of four-wheel cars, in Karawang District, Indonesia, established a new labor union, a chapter of Federation of Serikat Buruh Kerakyatan, or SERBUK, in April with 3500 members. But the management of the company prohibited the union, SERBUK HPM, from distributing the application form to the workers and threatened union leaders with possible lay-offs or reporting to the police as a criminal case. One leader nominated for an executive member was called by the HR Department, grilled and threatened. Members of the existing union, SPSI LEM PT HPM occupied a local office of the Manpower Dept. late in April to prevent SERBUK HPM from submitting forms for registration as an officially recognized labor union.
Many of the workers who organized SERBUK HPM have been working at PT HPM since 1999. Upon starting the work at PT HPM, they were obliged to join SPSI LEM PT HPM, a chapter of LEM, a federation of unions in metals, electronics and manufacturing industries, without being confirmed of their willingness. Dues were deducted from monthly salaries. After failed attempts of reforming SPSI LEM PT HPM from within, the workers formed SERBUK HPM this year. The members of SERBUK HPM are those who submitted filled application forms that also indicate their willingness to voluntarily leave SPSI LEM PT HPM.In a statement sent to the Labornet Japan, they are asking for support and solidarity in pressurizing PT HPM to respect the workers' right to freedom of association, recognize the rights of SERBUK HPM as a labor union and to revoke the suspension and reassignment orders given to union leaders.
 (Based on a document prepared by Executive Committee of Federation of Serikat Buruh Kerakyatan, received and translated into Japanese by the international department, Labornet Japan. The e-mail address of SERBUK HPM:
* Photo: Workers of PT Honda Prospect Motor who established a new labor union, SERBUK HPM


ホ ンダのインドネシアにおける四輪車生産販売合弁会社であるピー・ティ・ホンダ・プロスペクト・モーター(以下、HPM 本社:ジャカルタ 社長:内田知樹)で新しく労働組合を結成しようとしたところ、会社側と既存の御用労組により深刻な妨害を受けています。以下は、労組側から受け取った経緯 に関する文書の翻訳です。「私たちはPTホンダプロスペクトモーター・カラワン(以下PT. HPM)の工場で1999年から働いている労働者です。以前、私たちがこの会社で働き始めた時には、私たちは強制的にインドネシア金属・電子・機械労連PTホンダプロスペクトモーター支部(以下SPSI LEM PT. HPM)に加入させられていました。SPSI LEMの組合員のほとんどは加入の書類を書いたことはありませんでしたが、本人の意思確認もなく自動的にSPSI LEM PT. HPMの組合員になっていたばかりでなく、会社は組合費を毎月の給与から天引きしていました」(レイバーネット国際部) 続き *写真=新労組を結成したインドネシアのホンダ労働者

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