Thursday, October 8, 2015

War Bills Bulldozed through the Special Committee by Foul Play

On Sept. 17, in spite of the rain, people were raising voices in front of the Diet building from 9 a.m. against the forcible voting of the war bills. In the Diet the no-confidence motion against Chairperson KONOIKE Yoshitada was supposed to be discussed in the afternoon. After the motion was rejected, there should have been “concluding question and answer session” on the bills. Suddenly at about 4:30 p.m., however, the news on “the voting in the special committee” reached the protesters. It had been done by a foul play.  Shortly afterward, opposing legislators appeared in front of the protesters and talked in one voice about the terrible way of the voting. “I didn’t know what had happened.” “It was a pseudo voting.” “It was something like voting.” “It is not even recorded in the minutes.” The news deeply frustrated the protesters. NAGAO Yuri, one of the organizers, gripped the microphone. “Such a voting is invalid,” she said. “ABE is bulldozing his way while ignoring people’s voices. This is sheer disrespect for the sovereignty of the people. Young people’s chants echo in my mind, ‘What does democracy look like?’ ‘We’ll never give up democracy.’ We just have to drive Abe out of the Diet.” The struggle goes on to block the voting at the Upper House plenary session on the 18th.  (By M)


 9 月17日、雨にもかかわらず午前9時から「総がかり行動」は国会正門前で「強行採決」反対の声を断続的にあげていた。午後は鴻池委員長の不信任動議の審議 があり、それが否決されたあとは、「締めくくり質疑」があるはずだった。ところが午後4時半すぎ、突然「委員会採決」の報が流れてきた。不意打ちでだまし 打ちだった。まもなく野党議員が国会前集会にきて報告した。「何がなんだかわからない」「採決もどき」「採決らしきもの」「議事録もない」と異口同音にそ のひどさを語った。それを聞く市民の表情は悔しさを滲ませていた。主催者の長尾ゆりさんがマイクを握った。「こんな採決は無効です。国民の声を封殺してご り押しする安倍政権。これほど国民主権を冒涜する行為はない。“民主主義って何だ、民主主義をあきらめない”の若者のコールが胸に響きます。安倍をいます ぐ退陣させるしかない」と呼びかけた。18日は本会議採決阻止のたたかいが続く。(M)  

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