Thursday, October 22, 2015

Reporting back from Atlanta Uchida Shoko on the TPP negotiations

After the news of the broad agreement on the TPP negotiation on 5th October, an emergency meeting of the Stop TPP Action in Front of the Prime Ministers Office was held on 6th October.  KOIKE Akira, a Japan Communist Party diet member, said Security bills will make Japan a subject state of the USA militarily, and TPP will do so economically. and FUKUSHIMA Mizuho, a Social Democratic Party diet member, said We will not allow TPP selling off peoples lives and agriculture. UCHIDA Shoko of the Pacific Asia Resource Center was just back from Atlanta and urged, Its only a broad agreement and not final. The Japanese government backed off at an early stage and then started to pressure other countries to make concession on the pharmaceutical issue, which is a life and death issue for poorer countries. The attitude of the Japanese government was pervert and inadmissible. The fight against TPP has just started. Each government has to seek approval of the people for ratification. Our struggle will be long and hard, but will intensify internationally.(M)


TPPの大筋合意が報じられる中、106日 夜、首相官邸前では「STOP TPP!!官邸前アクション」が緊急に取り組まれた。「軍事的に日本をアメリカの属国にするのが戦争法。経済的に
属国にするのがTPPだ」(小池晃議 員)、「命と農業と国民の生活を売り飛ばす
帰国したば かりの内田聖子さん(写真)がマイクを握った。「大筋合意と言っ
“早くしろ”と切れているのが日本だった。貧困層を抱 える国にとって薬の問題
したたかいはこれから。「各国の 議論や批准問題があり、反対運動はこれから

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