Saturday, January 23, 2016

MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) is largely to blame: Causes and background of the bus accident in Nagano

The bus accident that occurred on the Usui Bypass, Nagano Prefecture killed twelve passengers, all university students, and two drivers. This is the most serious bus accident since the one that happened in January 1985 and claimed twenty five lives. The losses of many youths’ lives are tremendous to Japanese society. As the media have reported, both the travel agent, Keyth Tour, which planned the ski tour, and the bus operator, E.S.P., had organized and managed their tours in a very sloppy manner. Keyth Tour had already had negative reputations on the Internet even before the accident. Not only buses but also services of hotels arranged by the travel agent were criticized as being of poor quality – “no bath towel or toothbrush in a room”, “It’s a dormitory rather than a hotel”, and “It’s funny rather than frustrating”. The ski tour is typically cheap and nasty. (KUROGANE Ko, Safety Issues Research Group)



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DB said...

Yes, these kinds of articles are important. BUT this blog is about Labor. Can we see more stories about the struggles of the labor movement here in Japan. Not just nukes and comfort women.