Saturday, January 23, 2016

What is behind the “Tokyo Olympic Games”? – Wartime-like “National unity”

On January 14, 2016, discussions were held about what to do in “education on the Tokyo Olympic Games” at a regular meeting of the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education. The education includes the “involvement of families and communities through children”, participation in “volunteer (in reality, forced) activities”, and the creation of a sense of “pride as Japanese”. These are exactly the same as what happened 70 or 80 years ago during World War II into which all Japanese people were mobilized in the name of national unity. These are to materialize the dispatch of students to battlefields. This kind of thing quietly proceeds without knowledge of the people. We cannot be silent. We have to speak out. However, none of the education board members seemed to notice the danger. The unionization rate of schoolteachers is low now, but I want respective teachers’ unions to discuss this issue. (NEZU Kimiko)
  * Nezu is on the right of the first photo at a hearing of the education board.



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