Saturday, January 23, 2016

Why does only Fukushima have to endure 20 mSv a year? – Lawsuit by residents of Minami-Soma City

On January 13, 2016, the second oral argument was held for the repeal of the annual radiation level of 20 mSv as a threshold for evacuation in Minami-Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture, which is much higher than the level in other parts of Japan. Twenty plaintiffs from the city came to the Tokyo District Court. This legal action was started against the Japanese Government by 808 residents in 206 households in the city, who insisted that it is illegal to repeal the designation as specific spots recommended for evacuation based on 20 mSv per year. The government refuted the claim, saying that “the repeal is based on reasonable standards”. In other words, it insists that the threshold of 20 mSv per year is appropriate. The plaintiffs were furious about the government’s insistence, complaining, “Why does only Fukushima have to endure 20 mSv a year”? (YUMOTO Masanori)   
  Video (Three and a half minutes)



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