Sunday, May 22, 2016

The falsely accused desperately appeal – Stop expanding police power

A bill to “revise the Code of Criminal Procedure”, which includes the expansion of wiretapping targets, the introduction of plea bargaining, and the partial recording of interrogations, is possibly passed in the Committee on Judicial Affairs of the House of Councilors. On May 10, 2016, victims of false charges, citizens and lawyers held an emergency meeting to demand that the bill be scrapped, criticizing it as the “expansion of police power”. The heated discussion was joined by 300 participants. AOKI Keiko, one of the victims of the Higashi-Sumiyoshi case in Osaka in which her daughter died, talked about how a police interrogation was going on behind closed doors, being forced to falsely confess with “a photo of her deceased daughter put to her face”. Aoki emphasized, “I want an interrogation to be recorded but by 100%, not partially”. SAKURAI Shoji, who was falsely charged in the Fukawa case in which an old man was killed, said, “I thought that the police was right, but it is a terrible liar. If this bill allowing police power to expand is passed, even more people will be falsely accused for sure”. (M)



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