Sunday, May 22, 2016

Epoch-making decision! – Wage gap for workers reemployed after age of retirement unlawful

On May 13, 2016, the Tokyo District Court handed down an epoch-making decision favorable to working people who are reemployed after the age of retirement. Regulations and agreements to reduce their wages after the reemployment were judged to violate Article 20 of the Labor Contract Act. In addition, the court confirmed that the reemployed workers are in a position eligible for wage and employment regulations that apply to full-time employees, and ordered the company management to pay the amount of the wage gap to them. This decision is the first to confirm that the Labor Contract Act applies to fixed-term workers employed after the age of retirement. YAMAGUCHI Osamu, the plaintiff, said, “Now I can get a bonus. Enough is enough. I am very happy with the great decision. We can win if we become courageous. This victory will be the example”. (TSUCHIYA Tokachi)


513日東京地裁で、定年後再雇用された労働者にとって、希望となる画期的な判決が出た。定年後再雇用者の正社員との賃金規定・契約は「労働契約法20 条」違反するとして無効。その上で、正社員に適用される賃金規定及び就業規則が適用される地位にあることを確認し、賃金格差の差額の支払を命じた。定年後再雇用の有期契約労働者にも労働契約法が適用されることが確認された初めての判決だ。原告の山口修さんは「これで一時金がもらえる(笑)。賃金カットされて、こんな理不尽な目にあうのはコリゴリ。素敵な判決がもらえてほんとうに嬉しかった。勇気をもってたたかえば勝てる。その一例になったと思う」と語った。(土屋トカチ)

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