Thursday, August 25, 2016

Very happy!; Shanti workers secure employmen

   "We are so happy! We'll work hard." Beaming workers of Shanti curry restaurants from India and Bangladesh expressed their joy in limited Japanese as they signed a new employment contract on August 12. They scored the first victory after struggling two months since June 20 when the company running the restaurants went bankruptcy, leaving the employees dismissed without any payments. Having no place to stay either, they stayed at the restaurants all the while. The owner of the new company named Shanti Japan Co., Ltd. has employed all the previous workers who wanted to work for it with a monthly salary of 200,000 yen each and accommodation at a dormitory. Ten out of 15 workers who used to work at the restaurants signed the contract. One more may join them.The other four decided not to work for the new company.
   The owner of Shanti Japan, a businessman in his 40s, learned about the problem of the former Shanti and the quagmire of the employees by news reports and thought of helping out. Though it was not easy for him and the workers to realize the new employment, they finally succeeded with the help of the adviser of the Shanti Union, lawyer IBUSUKI Shoichi, who worked patiently on difficult negotiations with other concerned parties. "I'm overwhelmed," said Ibusuki with a relieved look.By M
* "I'm very happy,"says a worker from India.



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