Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The weak hate and kill the weaker ~ we must change that mentality

As someone who works at a disabled home, it pains me to hear about the murder of the disabled residents at Tsukui Yamayuri-en. There is no one who deserves to be killed. But then again, the murderer is someone who worked for only 905 yen an hour, which is the minimum wage in Kanagawa Prefecture. I was surprised to learn that. I have worked on night shifts at a home for heavily disabled people when I was a student. It is a heavy, hard work. Someone would get panicked and throws food...I just stared in awe at what was going on all day the first day at work. On the night shift, we would have to make a round for taking the residents to the restrooms if they can. If not, we’d check their diapers. Even then, the salary only comes to about 200,000 yen a month. This is the reality of Japan’s social welfare. The murder suspect is the same age as me. He was also a vulnerable member of the society. The weak kills the weaker from hatred. We must not let this happen again. (By  HISHIYAMA Naoko)

弱者が弱者を憎んで殺す!~こんな世の 中変えなきゃいけない

津久井やまゆり園の事。障がい者福祉施設で働いてい る者として
悲しく、心の締め付けられます。殺してしまえばいい 人なんて居
ない。しかし、今回殺害をしてしまった男性は、なん と神奈川県
の最低時給905円で夜勤をやっていたというではありま せんか。私
は学生の時、都内の重度障がい者施設に実習で行って いた時、夜
勤を何度も経験しました。重度障がい者施設の仕事は 重労働で
す。食事の時間はパニックを起こした方が食べ物を投げ 合う。初
めての日は壁に張り付いたままその様子をただ驚いて見 るだけで
何もできませんでした。夜勤は夜尿周りと言って夜中ず っと一部
屋一部屋回ってトイレに行ける人はトイレに連れて行 き、オムツ
を確認したりします。給料は20万も満たない。これが 福祉の現状
です。今回殺害をしてしまった男性は私と同い年。彼 もまた社会
では弱者だった。弱者が弱者を憎んで殺す。こんな世 の中変えな
きゃいけない。(菱山南帆子) 全文

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