Monday, October 31, 2016

Stick the knife into the abnormal workplace〜victorious settlement out of court in karoshi suicide case at Saitama Shin-toshin Post Office

 A press conference was held on Oct. 12 at Saitama prefectural office building after the karoshi suicide induced by overwork at Saitama Shin-toshin Post Office was reconciled and settled out of court. It was Dec. 8, 2010, that a worker (then 51) leaped to his death at the workplace. At that time the ultimate rationalization called, “the Toyota method,” had been introduced at post offices. At this post office, workers who had accidents were forced to stand on platforms to speak words of soul-searching. They were also forced to buy New Year’s cards to fill the sales quota, which often caused them to shoulder the financial burden. The post office was a place filled with power harassment. In the abnormal workplace environment, the victim diagnosed with depression was driven into suicide. His wife says, “The Japan Postal Group (JP) Union, which my husband was a member of, ignored me, but Postal Industry Workers Union (PIWU) helped me with the lawsuit.” In December 2013, while raising three children, she filed a lawsuit against the company in demand for an apology and compensation. Three years later, on Oct. 11, the two parties reached an agreement. In the settlement document, Japan Post admitted a virtual responsibility by saying that it “regrets its loss.” (By M)
*Photo:press conference on Oct. 12

郵便局の異常職場にメス!~さいたま新都心 郵便局「過労自死事件」が勝利和解

12日午後、さいたま新都心郵便局「過労自死事 件」が和解解決し、県庁で記者会見があった。Aさん(当時51 歳)が、職場で飛び降り自殺したのは2010128日。当時、郵便 局では極限の合理化といわれる「トヨタ方式」が導入されてい た。この郵便局では、事故を起こした職員を「お立ち台」に立た せ反省を迫ったり、年賀状の買い取りをさせる「自爆営業」など がまかり通り、局全体がパワハラ職場だった。異常な労働環境の なかでAさんはうつ病を発生し、自死に追いこまれた。妻によれ ば、「本人が所属していたJP労組からは無視されたが、郵政ユニ オンが相談に乗ってくれて、裁判を起こすことができた」とい う。201312月に、子ども三人を抱えながら妻は、謝罪と損害賠 償を求めて提訴。そして3年の裁判をへて、1011日に和解が成立 した。和解文で、会社は「遺憾」という表現で事実上の責任を認 めた。(M) 続き・NHKニュース・弁護士ドットコム ・東京新聞 *写真=多くのメディアが集まった会見

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