Thursday, October 13, 2016

People vow never to acquiesce in Abe government’s oppression over Okinawa

“LDP members joined a standing ovation for more than 10 seconds when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made the keynote speech, but this is nothing more than an insult to Okinawa,” NOHIRA Shinsaku said at the beginning of the rally. During the speech, Abe called to express heartfelt respect to Maritime Safety, police and members of Self-Defense Forces. Nohira continued to say that the Maritime Safety Agency officials oppress protesters of new US base in Henoko with violence and by turning over canoes. Riot police were sent to Okinawa from across Japan to eradicate people in the sit-in protests against helipad construction in Takae. SDF is also helping transport heavy machineries needed for the construction without any legitimate reason. These are the issues lawmakers should debate in the Diet.” He expressed anger toward the Abe government, which takes an oblivious stance against Okinawan democracy. “Let’s join this struggle until the government gives up by encouraging opposing public opinion of the mainland. (By OZAWA Kuniko)



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