Thursday, October 13, 2016

9,500 brave rain to say ‘Farewell to Nuclear, Farewell to War’

 A headline, “Monju to be decommissioned,” spread across the front page of Tokyo Shimbun on Sept. 22. In the heavy rain, people gathered the event held in Tokyo’s Shibuya district. As I swam through young people in front of Harajuku Station and walked the overhead crossing, I then see a sea of middle-aged and elderly. One middle-age man said that his daughter told him demonstrations are not something old men and women enjoy when he invited her to come along. Yoyogi Park, the event venue, was filled with colorful umbrellas. While SAWACHI Hisae, author, spoke about a tragic state of Fukushima, Actress KIUCHI Midori shared her visit to the square in Cuba where 2 million people congregated for Cuban Revolution. Poet Arthur Binard made people laugh joking that underground ice wall to block the Fukushima plant was a complete failure. (By KINOSHITA Masaaki) Photos by Mkinmpo

雨の中 9500人が集う~「さようなら原 発 さようなら戦争大集会」

9月22日(秋分の日)、「東京新聞」朝刊一面に「も んじゅ廃炉へ」の大見出しが・・。朝から激しい雨がふりつづく なか、東京・渋谷で「さようなら原発 さようなら戦争大集会」が 行われた。原宿通りは若い人でにぎわっていた。歩道橋を渡ると 今度は中高年の人々の波。前を行く中年の男性が「娘をさそった ら『デモっておじいちゃんおばあちゃんがやるもんじゃない』と いわれた」と話す声。代々木公園の会場は色とりどりの傘の花の 山だ。最初に澤地久枝がフクシマの現状の悲惨を訴え、女優の木 内みどりがキューバ革命の時に200万人集まった広場をみてきた話 をし、詩人のアーサー・ビナードが、フクシマの凍土壁をつくっ たが役に立たずで「とうどのつまり」になったと笑わせた。(木 下昌明)

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