Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Abe Administration is dangerous, praising the “Imperial Rescript of Education”

At night of March 9, 2017, 600 people filled the space in front of the Office of the Prime Minister in central Tokyo, carrying placards to demand the ultranationalist school scandal be thoroughly investigated. Many Diet members and intellectuals referred to the recitation of the “Imperial Rescript of Education” by ultranationalist kindergarten pupils. KAMIMOTO Mieko, an opposition Democrat of the House of Councilors and a former schoolteacher, stepped into the history of the rescript, saying, “’If our country is in danger, go to war’. This was to mobilize the people for war, and all pupils and junior high school students were asked to repeat this phrase. The rescript was kept at a holy place and protected by a schoolmaster for life. It was abolished after World War II, but Defense Minister INADA Tomomi still says, ‘There are some positive aspects in the rescript’. Her historical perception is simply wrong, but it is terrible that such a dangerous person has become Japan’s Defense Minister. The ultranationalist school scandal is not only related to the unfair obtainment of state-owned land but also in close relation with the educational policies of the Abe administration that has promoted war policy”. Actions against the ultranationalist school scandal will be carried out every Thursday in front of the Diet Members’ Building. (M) Photo flash, video (4 minutes 14 seconds)


3月9日夜の官邸前は、「森友疑惑徹底糾明」を求めるプラカードと人々で埋まった。国会議員や文化人がスピーチしたが、その多くが「教育勅語」暗唱問題を取り上げた。教員出身の民進党・神本美恵子議員は「教育勅語」の歴史に踏みこんだ。「『一旦緩急アレハ義勇公ニ奉シ(国に危機があったなら戦争に行きましょう)』という教育勅語は戦争動員のためのもので、当時全ての小中学校で暗唱させられた。勅語は、奉安殿という神聖な場所に納められていて校長は命がけで守っていた。戦後廃止されたが、それを稲田防衛大臣は“教育勅語にもいいところがある”などと発言している。歴史認識が間違いすぎているが、こういう人が防衛大臣をやっていることが恐ろしい。森友問題は国有地不正だけでなく、戦争政策をすすめる安倍政権の教育方針とつながっていることを見ていく必要がある」と強調した。この日は600人が集まったが、森友疑惑糾明を求める行動はこれから毎週木曜日に議員会館前で行われる。(M) 写真速報・動画(4分14 秒)

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