Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Don't Run Away! Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education - 1,000 Supporters Gather at Rally for Principal Doi of Mitaka High School -

 On Jan. 31, about 1,000 people participated in a rally held at Suginami Public Hall in Tokyo to support Mitaka High School Principal Nobuo Doi, who objected to Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education's decision to ban vote by hand-raising. The event organizer introduced results of a survey subjected to high school teachers, which revealed totally the opposite voices to the board's research. While the board found teachers see "no problem" with the decision, the organizer's survey conveyed voices saying,"The number of teachers who raise voices (since the decision) at meetings has declined," "It has become more difficult to speak up" and "Negative impacts are seen inthe freedom of speech." "The board of education has been avoiding confrontation," Principal Doi said. "If there is anything that I did wrong, I will apologize. The board should come out to the public place and openly discuss the issue." (By Masanori Yumoto) See Video on Union Tube.

 1月31日、東京都教育委員会が出した職員会議での「挙手・採決禁止」通知へ異議を唱えた土肥信雄さん(都立三鷹高校校長・写真)を支える集会が、東京・杉並公会堂で開催された。集会には1000名が参加し、大きな盛り上がりをみせた。集会では、主催者が独自に実施した高校教員アンケートが紹介されたが、「職員会議の教員の発言数は減った」「発言しにくくなった」「言論の自由への悪影響があった」などの声が圧倒的で、都教委調査の「問題ない」とまったく逆の実態が明らかにされた。土肥校長は、「都教委はこれまで逃げてばかりいる。私に間違っている点があれば私は謝る。都教委は、公の場に出てきて討論すべきだ」と強く訴えた。(湯本雅典) ・動画(UnionTube)

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