Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Say No to Israel’s Occupation, Blockade - Mari Oka Lectures

 In the afternoon of Jan. 18, more than 260 people gathered at Tokyo’s Rapasu Hall for the rally to protest attack on the Gaza Strip. The movie “Rainbow” was shown and Mari Oka (photo) lectured on what we can do to help. Oka talked about persecution of Palestinians after the establishment of Israel as a nation 60 years ago and how Palestinians became refugees, as well as Israel’s occupation of the west bank of River Jordan and the Gaza Strip. She then talked about the history of blockade of the Gaza Strip three years ago, and she also said that we have allowed the genocide by overlooking tragedy of Palestinians as other peoples’matter. “The root of the problem is Israel’soccupation and blockade,” she said. “Silence means you approve. While we are at cease-fire, we should raise our voices to stop occupation and blockage.” (By Yumi Sasaki)


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