Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Violent Execution of Forced Eviction at Keihin Hotel - Protesters at Picket Line Resist in Protection of Rightsto Life -

 In the morning of Jan. 25, police forced eviction of workers who took over the management of Keihin Hotel after the business went bankrupt. Having sensed the danger, the workers and a support union organized the defensive action overnight. Nearly 300 workers resisted by saying, "Don't deprive the rights to life of the employees of Keihin Hotel." Shortly after 9 a.m., the authorities ordered the riot police to attack the workers at the picket line (See photo). As the workers blocked the entry, the battle continued for 25 minutes. The raid police pulled the unionists one by one, and by 9:30 a.m. it forced entry to the hotel. "Is this the Japanese law? The police who is supposed to protect citizens should never be forgiven for taking such an action against them. We will not yield. We will spring back," said the union representative Kanamoto(photo), who fell to the ground in angry tears. (By M. See video clips on UnionTube and YouTube filmed by nikepolitics.)

 1月25日早朝、ついに倒産解雇で自主営業を続けていた京品ホテルに明け渡しの強制執行が行われた。危険を察知した当該と支援労組は、前日から徹夜で防衛態勢をとり、300人近い労働者が「京品ホテル従業員の生存権を奪うな」と訴えた。午前9時すぎ、執行官は機動隊を引き連れ、ホテル前のピケ隊に襲いかかった(写真)。ピケ隊は体を張って抵抗し、25分間も壮絶な押し合いが続いた。機動隊は一人ずつ「ゴボウ抜き」を繰り返し、ついに9時30分ホテルに突入した。当該支部の金本委員長(写真)は「これが日本の法律か。人を守るための警察がこんなことをして許されるか。このまま負けない。必ず戻ってきます」と語ると、怒りで泣き崩れた。(M) 動画2本 UnionTubeYouTube版・nikepoliticsさんの動画

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