Sunday, August 16, 2009

Action against Panasonic held in Aichi: Two Dispatched Workers File to be recognised as Fulltime Workers.

On July 28, an action against Panasonic was held in Aichi as part of the national actions against Panasonic called by plaintiffs Tsutomu Yoshioka against Panasonic Plasma Display, Masako Sato against Fukushima Panasonic Electric Works, and Takeshi Kawamoto against Panasonic Electronics Device Japan. Some 30 people gathered at 7.30 AM to handout leaflets at a speak out at targeting workers at the Panasonic Ecosystems Factory located in Kasugai city. Around 400 leaflets were handed out. At 11 AM, two dispatched workers from Aichi Rentai Union filed a written complaint seeking to have Panasonic Ecosystems confirm its direct hire relations (see photo). The compliant was written by attorneys Yuji Nakatani and Shin Noguchi and amounted to 38 pages (Report written by Aichi Rentai Union).

パナソニック総行動 in 愛知~「派遣労働者」2名が雇用確認求め提訴
 7月28日、パナソニック総行動 in 愛知は、全国パナソニック総行動(呼びかけ=パナソニックPDP原告・吉岡力、パナソニック電工福島原告・佐藤昌子、パナソニックエレクトロニックデバパン原告・河本猛)の一環として取り組まれました。早朝7時半から、春日井市にあるパナソニックエコシステムズ工場労働者へ、約30人の仲間がビラ撒きとマイクアピールを行い、400枚のビラを渡すことができました。11時には愛知連帯ユニオンの「派遣労働者」2名がパナソニックエコシステムズに直接雇用関係の確認を求めて提訴(写真)、中谷雄二弁護士と野口新弁護士の書いた訴状は、38ページに及ぶものになりました。(愛知連帯ユニオン)

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